Sharapudinov Idris Idrisovich

Surname: Sharapudinov
Name: Idris
Patronim: Idrisovich
Description: Sharapudinov Idris Idrisovich, born June 7, 1948 in the village of Gagatl Botlikh district of Dagestan. He graduated from high school in the village of Botlikh in 1966. In 1966 he entered the Physics and Mathematics Faculty, Dagestan State Pedagogical Institute, from which he graduated with honors in 1971 and was sent to the target graduate school at Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Lenin (Moscow State Pedagogical Institute). In 1971 - 1972 years. He served in the Soviet Army. Postgraduate studies at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute and graduated in 1975 with the provision of the thesis. On December 16, 1975 working at the Dagestan State Pedagogical University (Dagestan State Pedagogical University): assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor in the departments of mathematical analysis and computer science and computer engineering. In 1989 - 1990 has been under Doctorate at Moscow State University (department of theory of functions and functional analysis). Doctoral dissertation defended in the specialized council at the Steklov them. Steklov in May 1991. Subject doctoral dissertation: "Some questions of the theory of orthogonal systems". Since 1992, he headed the Department of mathematical analysis Dagestan State Pedagogical University.
Rank: Head of OMI
Academic degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Ramazanov Abdul-Rashid Kekhrimanovich

Surname: Ramazanov
Name: Abdul-Rashid
Patronim: Kekhrimanovich
Description: Ramazanov Abdul-Rashid Kehrimanovich, born February 10, 1949 in the village of Kantsil Khivsky District of Dagestan. In September 1956, I went to kindergarten and graduated from tenth grade Kantsilskoy High School in 1967. In 1967 he entered the Faculty of Mathematics is not the DSU, and in 1972 graduated with honors from him. From September 1972 to November 1976 he worked as a mathematics teacher in the area of ​​taxiway Hivskom first Mezhgyulskoy middle school and then high school Kantsilskoy. From November 1976 until November 1977 was an intern - a teacher, and from November 1977 to November 1980 a graduate student at the Department of Mathematics at Moscow State University. Since November 1980 I have been working at the Faculty of Mathematics DSU. In 1981 he defended his thesis, and in 1998 - a doctoral thesis on the specialty 01.01.01 - Mathematical analysis; in March 2001 it was awarded the title of professor of mathematical analysis. Currently head of the department of mathematical analysis DSU. I have more than 60 scientific papers. He has participated in various scientific conferences, schools, symposiums, including international and national. Thrice projects for research supported by the Russian grant (grant RFBR and Min. Mod. RD science). From November 1987 to January 1990 he was in the long-term business trip abroad in the Republic of Mozambique; He taught and conducted research work at the University of the name of Mont Blanc. Fluent Portuguese language as well as Spanish and English with a dictionary.
Rank: Chief Researcher
Academic degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Medzhidov Ziyaudin Gadzhievich

Surname: Medzhidov
Name: Ziyaudin
Patronim: Gadzhievich
Description: Mejidov Ziyaudin Gadzhievich, born on 1 August 1965, p. Muruk Sergokalinsky District Doug. ASSR in a working class family. In 1971. I went in under. Murukskoy grade school and graduated in 1982 with a gold medal. In 1982 he joined the Mathematics Department of the DSU. In October 1983, he was drafted into the Soviet Army. After two years of military service in 1985, he continued his studies at the university. He graduated from the University in 1989 with honors, was sent to the target graduate school at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University. After finishing graduate school in March 1993, he began working as assistant chair TFFA DSU. In June 1993 he defended his thesis at Moscow State University. Since 1997, he is working assistant professor of TFFA DSU. From 1999 to 2002, was a doctorate at DSU.
Rank: Senior Researcher
Academic degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Alishaev Mukhtar Guseynovich

Surname: Alishaev
Name: Mukhtar
Patronim: Guseynovich
Rank: Chief Researcher
Academic degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Sirazhudinov Magomed Magomedalievich

Surname: Sirazhudinov
Name: Magomed
Patronim: Magomedalievich
Description: Leading researcher in the Department of mathematics and informatics of the Dagestan scientific center of the Russian academy of sciences, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor. Research interests: boundary value problems for elliptic systems on the plane in smooth and piecewise smooth domains; noethericity questions and formula for the index for these boundary value problems; averaging and G-convergence of elliptic operators.
Rank: Leading Researcher
Academic degree: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

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